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Marney Gibbs


The Staunton Performing Arts Center has been a dream of mine since 2000 when I first got involved in looking for a performance space for a local performing arts company. Then we worked at rescuing a historic building which had been a vital part of downtown Staunton for 94 years. It is very exciting to see this dream mature, to see the historic building stabilized, new roof, asbestos removed, other acquisitions which will make this a truly viable theater space for the coming generations, and to see the new plans for that theater. With the help of lots of people, it will be a dream come true. Thank you to all those people.

Pam Huggins
Pam Huggins pic I gladly joined the first Board of Directors for the Staunton Performing Arts Center for a couple of reasons. First of all, I was very anxious to see our wonderful Dixie Theater, with such a rich history in our community, be restored, preserved, and have the chance to return to its original roots as a first class performing arts center. Just as important is my belief that the restoration of this theater and the addition of a wide variety of diverse forms of entertainment is a central piece of Staunton's Downtown Development efforts. Our area has so many talented people who deserve a quality venue to showcase those talents. I have visited restored theaters in other communities, and it is inspiring to see what a difference they have made in those places. This theater can become a central community center for our residents, as well as an excellent culture destination for our visitors. As such, the tourism economy will continue to grow, improving the quality of life for all of our citizens with increased revenue for education, public safety, and other vital public services. Preservation of a historic treasure, economic growth, and exceptional entertainment... this is a win-win-win project!

Tommy Crawford

Tommy Crawford The Theater opened a lot doors for me to go through. It gave me the opportunity to see and talk to people that I didn't know. No matter the size of the part, all are important. There is a lot of talent in this valley. Young people need something to keep their minds open and busy. I can't think of anything better than performing on stage in front of the people of Staunton. As for the Visitors that come in, giving them a choice of where to go and what to see only makes Staunton, Virginia, the best place to spend a week-end. WELCOME STAUNTON PERFORMING ARTS CENTER!

Michael Organ

Michael Organ The Staunton Performing Arts Center personifies what Staunton is all about! It is fresh, creative, old, new and alive! The band of energetic self starters in the Staunton Community gathered new and "mature" folks in the community to buy into the fact that Staunton, on its own accord, talent and energy, must whenever possible add to its inventory of music, education, art and theater to maintain its reputation of being the "Rural Arts Colony" in the Shenandoah Valley... actually the SOUTH! That group of leaders salvaged the Old Dixie Theater, buildings in the Historic Downtown District and captured the history and tradition of decades of live theater, Vaudeville, concerts, all varieties of entertainment to secure the bones of Staunton's Performing Arts reputation. Staunton is blessed with community theater, near professional High School and College performances and of course The Blackfriars Playhouse, Staunton's tribute to Shakespeare. Now the Performing Arts Center will honor Staunton and the Dixie Theater by hosting a variety of professional art forms to round out our cultural experience. In early days Opera and Live Theater were taken for granted as part of this growing community. The revival of live theater acknowledges Staunton's continued commitment to community growth, culture and being The Performing Arts Center.


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